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There are two kinds of insurance agents, Captive Agents and Non-Captive, or Independent Insurance Agents. There is a big difference!

Captive Agents are committed to one insurance carrier, like AllState or State Farm, and are restricted to selling that one company’s product line. They cannot shop around for other opportunities that may better suit consumer needs. To a captive agent, the parent company comes first.

On the other hand, Independent Insurance agents like Bridgewater Insurance Group, offer their customers multiple product lines, which may include Auto-Owners, Erie, or Travelers. This broader selection offers more resources to find coverage that best suits your personal situation. To Bridgewater IG, the customer comes first.



Bridgewater Insurance Group walks each client through the claims process hand and hand. Bridgewater’s staff will direct you to the insurance company that owns your policy and assist as much as possible with claims. It is important to let Bridgewater IG know what has happened with the claim and how it turns out so we can help ensure your rates stay competitive after the claim.



Because commercial insurance needs to be tailored to each business based on risks, it is critical to work with an agent who will get to know your company and ensure that your coverage adequately protects your business investment. Bridgewater Insurance Group is committed to working with each client to guarantee the highest quality protection.

Depending on the nature of your business and any insurance which you are legally obligated to carry, the following types of business insurance should be considered essential:

Coverage against accidents, injuries and negligence claims

Coverage against product defects

Covers professionals against malpractice, negligence or errors

Covers against damage to your business property, such as from fire or a severe storm

Protects your business if you are no longer able to conduct your business because of a loss

Covers against general or professional liability.

Bridgewater IG


Along with offering the best combination of value and protection, Bridgewater IG works to improve the lives of those around us.

Bridgewater IG builds stronger, long-term relationships with communities. Agents are business owners and employees, but above all, they are members of the community. Many of them make an impact by sharing their time and resources with local nonprofit organizations.

When you work with Bridgewater Insurance Group, you deal with people you know – and people who know you.

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